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We aim to become the top brand that leads bridal dress fashion. The most basic and most strong component which would make Nüans Bridal Dress achieve this target is the personnel working for Nüans Bridal Dress. Our human resource policy and its applications are formed parallel to goals and targets of Nüans Bridal Dress.

Short and long term business plans of Nüans Bridal Dress were made for this purpose and below you will find some qualities of our personnel, who would help us achieve these goals;

- Social accountability and respect to ecology as well as being bounded to ethical rules.
- Hardworking life-long learners aiming to reach efficiency who are enjoying the passion of work
- Result-oriented approach, used to working with information, recording achievements with numerical data
- Using existing successes as a milestone to reach the final goals of Nüans Bridal Dress, which are based on embracing the importance of sustainable success
- Being aware of strategic management perception, having co-worker consciousness, being a team player which was based on process management
- Open to changes to reach the success goals, can use all of the existing information as well as management techniques efficiently 
- Aware of the fact that information can only belong to the corporation not the individuals